Why I don't try and sell my music to you

  Finally, everyone has been wondering why I don't go out of my way to sell my beats, Cd's, or my merch. Why?

  I have gone down so many avenues to sell my stuff dude! To me it's the way technology has taken over. Music is found for free all over the world now, so why would you act like you can sell it for a living. Very few talented musical artists make a living selling their music. They might go on tours and know a bunch of poeple. I don't do all that. I sit at home and make music. I used to post my albums on facebook, and twitter. Text links to friends and family, but it would only repeat the same amount of views. I'm not about checking views I don't have a FB acct, or twitter  anymore. People just need to listen to it. 

  Unfortunately even friends and family don't buy it either after a while. It's not what you think. It's not bad music. AND coming from a musical family, they are all trying make a living doing their music too, they can't pour their music sales into buying mine. Should they? I don't care anymore...

  I have discovered that it's way easier to keep it simple and post music that's easy for someone to listen to. Who knows they might like and share it and remember who I am as an artist and visit again later.