Where do you find the time?

Oct. 18, 2016

  I have time to make beats first of all. I love making music so it's become something I do everyday. I want you to see why I make it all for background music. I don't want the big spot light. I don't need to be in magazines or on the front page of a paper. All i'm wanting is for you to use my music legally, for your commercials, or background radio play.

  I choose not to make my beats sound like the same thats out now. For the most part they are instrumental beats. I keep it simple and vocal free for the most part too. My raps, are part of my life , and they are labeled rap/video so if you don't want to hear it just read the title. I would much appreciate it if you listened to my youtube songs and comment on them and share them with friends. It's hard for solo artists to get views from people outside the circle of friends and family. That out side circle needs to hear it too! 


Ron Thadison

AKA  Suspense Composer